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Nothing brings your team together like travel, new experiences, and competition against new opponents from around the world.

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We design international soccer adventures to incredible destinations that leave a legacy of lasting impact.Each transformational third half experience creates leaders on and off the field through challenging play for all competitive levels.

Soccer is often called ‘the world’s only common language’. It’s by far the most popular sport on the planet – according to FIFA, world soccer’s governing body, there are more than 3.5 billion soccer players and fans around the world – that’s half the population of planet Earth.This makes soccer the only true ‘global game’ – and that makes it an incredible opportunity to learn. Most coaches agree that technical soccer skill will only get you so far – it’s qualities like creativity, leadership, passion, courage, determination and decision-making that set the great players apart.By experiencing how the game is played and lived around the world, from the beaches of Brazil to the streets of Dublin, and by competing with young people who share your passion from diverse backgrounds, you’ll develop as an athlete, a leader and as a team and come back better prepared for life on and off the field.

Every third half experience is a transformative, educational journey of dynamic and high-growth activities

– Inspiring and challenging soccer experiences that help you to develop as individuals and a team by playing like a local, from recreation to elite competitive level.

CULTURE– Activities that allow you to experience what life is like for people in your host community and to sample the unique flavor of your destination.

EDUCATION – Activities that focus on transferable skills like grit, leadership and teamwork through a blend of collaborative workshops and hands-on experiences with local people.


-Troy Baker, Athletics Director

Team Trips

Bandung & Bali

Be the change you want to see! Join Rumah Cemara and its partners to bring hope and support to people living with HIV.

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Madrid is home for some of the best football teams in the world, home of the best cuisine and cultural offer, and it is also home of a lively neighborhood that breaths football and tolerance. But, above all of this, Madrid can be your home too!

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Maseru & Cape Town

Get to know the culture, history and language of one of Africa's most hidden countries, Lesotho. Discover its natural scenery and learn about the challenges the country faces.

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If you have ever wanted to see crocodiles, the majestic Victoria Falls, a lively and welcoming city like Lusaka or Livingstone and true devotion to football; Zambia is your place.

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Dublin & Belfast

The green Ireland is waiting for you! Discover its landscapes, its historical cities and its football culture. Help SARI and their work supporting social inclusion and respect to cultural diversity.

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Tarrafal & Lisbon

From the grass of Benfica's Academy fields, to the white sand of Tarrafal's beach. Different background, same sport, same sentiment.

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See the two sides of India, from a crowded city like Mumbai to the peaceful countryside. Embrace the Indian culture, enjoy playing football and help OSCAR Foundation and their youth.

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Join Dream a Dream and be the change-maker that will help them give access to education to hundreds of young people.

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Discover cultural jewels like the Ramtek Temple and the Taj Mahal. Be amazed by the wild life. Play soccer in the slums so people do not need to play in the slums anymore!

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Accra & Tamale

Enjoy the beauty of North Ghana, while you get to know the life of people in Jisonayilli, visit the oldest safari park in Ghana and help Whizzkids United.

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St. Lucia

The ultimate Caribbean adventure - play beach soccer with locals, learn about St. Lucia's unique history and culture. Enjoy a unique rainforest bike adventure, and explore a working cocoa plantation. Learn to speak St. Lucia's native language of Kwéyòl.

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Esmeraldas & Minto

Experience indigenous Ecuadorian culture. Hike through sacred waterfalls, and explore an indigenous artisan marketplace before soaking up some rays on Ecuador's pristine beaches.

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A true soccer adventure, with a visit to a World Cup Stadium, and street soccer in the favelas. Learn capoeira, enjoy a boat tour and beach time, and swim in natural artesian pools.

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San Jose & El Salitre

Get active with a scenic trek through tropical rainforests and lush waterfalls. Play soccer in the jungle with the locals, and immerse yourself in indigenous cultures. Finally, relax on beautiful white-sand beaches before heading home.

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Bogota and Santa Marta

The trip includes a city tour of scenic Santa Marta and soccer games in the barrio. You'll visit the scenic Tayrona National Park, learn to fish, and experience life on a working coffee farm!

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