Travel Tips

We're going on a trip - now what?


Copies of Important Documents

Always have at least 2 copies of important documents, one with you so you don't carry your actual passport, and one with your luggage, separate from your passport.


Phone Copy of Important Documents

Take a picture of your passport main page and put as favorite in your photo album for easy access.


Don't carry your passport

Following Tip #2: With the photo of your passport on your phone, you don't carry your passport with you all day and worry about it being lost or stolen. Always carry another form of identification though. Also if you do go someplace or do an activity where you know they will ask for your passport, please remember to bring it then, but for most activities a Driver's License is enough!


Universal Adapter

Invest once into a universal adapter with 2 or 3 USB ports to be able to charge everything at once, wherever you are at in the world without worrying about having the right adapter for every country. This also works for charging laptops with a normal charger (non-USB) and other electronics since there is a spot where you can plug it in on the adapter.


Carry-on Advice

Keep one change of clothes and PJS, along with medication, important documents, and your most used technoloy always in your carry-on.



Never bring a brand-new pair of shoes without breaking them in first. Even if you had the exact pair before, the amount of walking you'll do differs from your day-to-day, so don't risk the blisters and making yourself uncomfortable for the remaining of your trip!


Sensitive Skin

If you suffer from sensitive skin consider buying a sheet cocoon from REI or Amazon, that you can sleep in comfortably in a hotel without dealing with breakouts or other skin issues because of different detergents etc.


Water on Airplanes

Long flights can cause you to lose more than 2 liters of water, so make sure you drink at least .5L of water every hour to stay hydrated and this also combats jet-lag and feeling bad after the flight, so you're ready to start your adventure off feeling fresh!


Free Public WiFi

Use public free WiFi sparingly or not at all when it comes to bank accounts and more sensitive information that you wouldn't want shared. If you're okay with the information you're viewing to be public, then public free WiFi is great to connect with friends and family back home, but always use caution like with anything else in life!


Cell Phones Abroad

There are many different ways to use your cell phone abroad also depending on the type of experience you want. For example, if you wish to disconnect a bit, consider just using WiFi in your hotel or other free areas. Or if you want to be more connected, talk with your cell phone provider about different international plans they provide. Typically providers offer daily rates or a month rate depending on the length of your travel. Lastly, depending on your travel, you could consider buying a SIM in that country for the length of your stay. In the EU, providers give you coverage throughout the whole EU and plans start cheap at €10.


Credit/Debit Cards

Always contact your bank before traveling abroad to ensure they don't believe your credit card was stolen and turn it off. Most, if not all credit cards function abroad, and you can take out money from an ATM. But check with your card restrictions as fees change from ATM to ATM depending on your card.


Can I use a credit card to pay for the trip? What payments options do I have?

You can pay for the trip through various payment options. You can pay with your credit card on this website or mail us a check.


Can family members and/or friends come along on our trip?

Yes, supporters are always welcome. In addition to the soccer aspect of your trip, our trips offer wonderful sightseeing and cultural experiences that can be enjoyed by all.


Will my child be well supervised on the trip?

Yes, along with any coaches and supporters that come on the trip, there will always be a tour director with your group. This person is available at all times, and will be with your group at soccer events and any outings.


Will the third half help us with fundraising for our group trip?

Yes. In fact, we encourage groups to organise a fundraising campaign/challenge.


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