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Learn tips and tricks from professionals about traveling and what travel has done for their lives.

Lauren Strnad

Traveling is exciting, but can sometimes be overwhelming. Nowadays we have people who travel for a living and are willing to share their tips of this fascinating trade. We have done some research and have found 6 travel bloggers that will provide insight and value to all!

Check out these 6 bloggers below, each with a short bio and a brief overview on an article we found interesting!

The Planet D

Deb and Dave started The Planet D ten years ago, after feeling tired of the rat-wheel of life. Their motto is “Adventure is for everyone”. For Deb and Dave, they brainstormed different lives that would give them the freedom to travel and live life passionately. That passion ended up being as they state, “writing, photography, and each other.” Deb and Dave have recognized the common cliches of being traveller blogger and acknowledge them outright. They say, “We aren't special, we aren't independently wealthy and we aren't superhuman. We are just two regular people who believed that everyone has the potential to live their dreams” and their blog shows just that!

Reaching New Heights by Deb and Dave

Discover Something New With This Article:

Deb and Dave go in depth on the different types of travel scams. Some of which they’ve personally encountered and aren’t afraid to admit that they’ve fallen prey to. Some of these may seem obvious to the more advance traveller, but nonetheless there are tips for all to learn from. One basic, but critical tip: situational awareness is key.

Check out the blog!

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is the go-to website for solo and female travel around the world-- for all women, by women, as stated by blog owner Kiersten Rich. Kiki as she likes to be called never set out to travel the world, but instead pursued the societal dream of success (big job, get married, have kids, etc). Yet, she quickly realized that this wasn’t for her after the first year at a well-paying, promising job in finance. After taking the first 3 months off to travel a bit of the world and later realizing her passion after some time, she decided to stop looking at society for the confirmation as what her life should look like, and learn from the world. Ever since then she has created a multi-revenue stream business through her blog, allowing her to travel all over the world. Her blog encompasses exploration, business, life, and style showcasing that you don't need to live by society’s standards in order to have a “successful” life.

Taking a Dip in Africa By Kiersten Rich

A Snapshot From an Article:

While traveling sparks adventure and new experiences some people, especially women still have some hesitations to travel, particularly alone. Kiki has curated a list of 10 destinations where you will feel safe and be able to experience traveling alone and all it’s benefits!  

Check out the blog here!

Expert Vagabond

The first 29 years of Matthew Kartsen’s life were confined to the United States. Matt as he liked to be called became a vagabond in 2010 after deciding to sell everything he owned and saving up for a year to go to Guatemala and travel for one year. This first year didn’t go as planned (it actually ended after 9 months), nor did he have all the support from his family and friends. Seven years later, Matt has learned along the way and his sharing his experience, mishaps and tips! Matt’s motto is: “Exploring the Earth with an open mind, living on a limited budget, meeting new people, and learning what I’m made of.”

Capturing the Unexpected by Matt Karsten

An Unexpected Topic for an Article:

Matt puts a fun twist on unusual travel experiences. Using all the “highlights” of First-Class to show the world a different way to travel brings a light-hearted attitude to Matt’s blog, especially because most might not agree with his experience, but it does stop you for a second-thought in case you are missing something!

Click here to read the blog!

Borders of Adventure

Borders of Adventure is written by Becki Enright, after traveling for 6 years, Becki started her blog in 2013. Becki is a British Travel Press award winner and infuses travel with social, historical, political, and cultural components. As Becki states herself, her mission: “has always focused on changing perceptions and shedding light on the misunderstood aspects of particular destinations or entire countries”.

Some Beauty in South Korea by Becki Enright

An Interesting Insight:

Many bloggers will gloss over the undelightful parts of traveling, or not even mention them, if they don’t elicit the happy feelings that traveling typically evokes. Instead Becki uses this opportunity to touch on this delicate topic, and exactly explain why she didn’t fall in love with South Korea. To understand why Becki feelings, check out her blog!

The Everywhereist

After losing her job and traveling with her husband for work, Geraldine DeRuiter, started to blog about her experiences in a clever manner. Geraldine has won many accolades for her sly wit and insightfulness from some important institutions such as Times Magazine, New York Times, and Geraldine doesn’t just talk about travel, but focuses on anything her heart desires in that moment, like after she failed at a public speaking engagement, and how to learn from it. Nonetheless her humor runs through every piece she writes!

Geraldine's Dry Humor Shown on Her Instagram

Dried Wine Stains to Match the Dry Wit Article:

Traveling brings many emotions to the table, some you don’t realize until after the last course, some that bubble up just as the champagne is being poured. Geraldine uses these emotions and confusions in a relatable manner, diving into the deeper nuances that can happen throughout traveling. This particular situation was depicted in an article Geraldine wrote about when she and her husband traveled to her where her family comes from in Southern Italy. To read more from Geraldine, check out her blog!

Nomadic Matt

Every wonder how people are able to travel so much, especially those that don’t have a trust fund, sold a company, or have retired? Nomadic Matt explains in explicit detail how it is possible,  and he goes into multiple strategies to make it feasible, because traveling isn’t a one-size fits all approach. Matt interviews other travelers who share this passion and their strategies, as well as uses other case studies to support their ideas, a different approach to the norm! Matt chooses to not create any paid trips or be sponsored to earn income. He explains that it is his choice to just use all the tactics he’s learned throughout the years of travel and keep the blog completely his, with some help from some fellow trusted travelers.

Twinkle Lights in Tokyo By Nomadic Matt

Identify Which Traveler Are You Article:

Whether you are traveling for the first time or a world-class traveler there is always something to learn. Some fun that travelers have especially the backpackers is to guess what to classify other types of backpackers. Matt has recognized in his 10 years of traveling that most Backpacker Identities still exist, but one has been born: the digital nomad. To see what type of backpacker you are and all of Matt’s tips, check out his blog!

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