Customer Protection Policy

Response to complaints

For any complaint of the service received, send an email explaining your complaint of incidence to info@thirdhalfsoccer. You should receive an acknowledgement of reception promptly. Your program manager will work to resolve your complaint and give a solution within ten working days.


1. Introduction

the third half is committed to act in good faith with its customers, provide protection to its customers’ rights, ensure their security and well-being, provide them with all the information they need with transparency, be responsive and resolutive with their complaints and not permitting any kind of abuse or discrimination.

the third half will always observe compliance of all the laws and regulations and all its activities are bounded by legality.

For this purpose, the third half has produced the present customer protection policy that will be complied by all the members and employees of the third half.

This policy should be complied by all the members and employees of the third half at all time.

2. Ethical and Appropriated Activity

the third half compromises to ensure that all its activities are legal and ethical. To that purpose, the third half will follow these code of conduct:

  • All the services and products provided should be legal, ethical and appropriate to the customers in question.
  • the third half should try to adapt its services and products to the necessities and interests of the customers when they do not go against the will or interest of the host organizations, against the law or when they exceed the third half’s capacity.
  • the third half should adequately inform the customer about its services and products.
  • the third half should, when possible, try to resolve the questions or difficulties a customer may find in relation with the third half’s activity and services.
  • When possible, the third half should advice its customer with all the necessary information in relation with the trips organised, to warrant the smooth performance and the security and well-being of the customers.
3. Fair and Respectful Treatment of Clients and ethical behavior

The treatment to customer should be characterised by respect, non-discrimination, tolerance, fairness and honesty. These principles should guide the behaviour of the third half and its integrants and employees in every interaction or contact with customers or other stakeholders or partners.

Client selection and treatment should not involve discrimination of any kind on the basis of age, color, race, ethnicity, language, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical appearance, political affiliation, disability or health condition, religion or creed, national or regional origin, economic position, ancestry, union affiliation, genetic characteristics, family care, marital status, status as a veteran, caste, or any other condition or personal characteristic.

All employees and integrants of the third half should ensure the security and well-being of the customers, in particular during trips abroad. For this goal, the employees and integrants should follow the third half Emergency Plan and Operations Manual.

At the same time, customers are expected to behave respectfully and in good faith in all interactions with the third half’s integrants and among themselves to ensure that everyone experience is the best possible.

4. Transparency and information offered

the third half compromises to communicate openly, sufficiently and clearly with its customers using a language that they can understand. the third half also compromises to provide all the information needed about the services offered.

5. Privacy and data protection

We, the third half, believe that customer data protection is a priority in our daily work. To ensure this protection, we compromise to:\

  • Comply with laws and regulations regarding the proper handling of customers' personal information.
  • Acquire personal information properly. We will notify and/or disclose the purpose of such personal information to customers and will not use it beyond the disclosed purpose except as permitted by law. If we directly acquire personal information concerning a customer that has been recorded in a written document, etc. from the customer, we will specify the purpose for which it will be used beforehand. If we directly acquire personal information from a customer verbally through another type of method, or if we acquire the personal information indirectly through publicly available information or from a person other than the customer himself/herself, etc. as well, we will notify or disclose the purpose of use.
  • Educate all of our executives and employees so that they understand the importance of protecting personal information and handle customers’ personal information properly.
  • Take the necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the security of personal information and will endeavor to prevent improper access to, alteration, loss and/or leakage of personal information.
  • Not supply any personal information to third parties without the prior consent of the individual concerned, except as permitted by law. With regard to individual numbers, we will not supply these to a third party even with the consent of the customer except as permitted by law.
  • When outsourcing the handling of personal information to other institutions, we will monitor the institutions concerned to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to protect customers’ personal information.
  • Establish procedures for correcting and disclosing personal information of customers.
  • Continually review and improve our management systems to protect personal information.

6. Complaint resolution

the third half compromises to have in place mechanisms to receive and give response to complaints coming from customers. The aim of these mechanisms should be giving response to dissatisfied customers, and to improving its products, services and activity.

The complaint resolution system should have:

  • A procedure to inform customers about how to make complaints, who to make complaints to and about their rights:  This information will be available in the website and also offered to the clients before and after their trip. The complains email address will be
  • A process to give response and solution to the complaints and a procedure to record and compile the complaints. See section 7.
  • A clearly stated structure that includes who is responsible of compiling, giving response and/or solving complaints: The responsibility of giving response and solving the complaints will be shared between the program manager of the trip and the customer support manager for that program. They will keep consultations and close contact with the supervisor or supervisors of the trip when they are not the same people, and with Management when necessary.
  • A process to respond to customer complaints: The response to those complaints, with the correspondent solutions when they are possible, should be sent to the client in 10 business days.
7. Complaint resolution process

7.1. Receipt of complaints

We will record the complaint and its supporting information. The record of the complaint will document:

  • The contact information of the person making a complaint.
  • The program the person has taken part of, if any.
  • The issues raised by the person making a complaint and the outcome/s they want
  • Any other relevant information.
  • Any additional support the person making a complaint requires.

7.2.  Acknowledgement of complaints

We will acknowledge receipt of each complaint promptly, and preferably within 2 working days.

7.3. Initial assessment and addressing of complaints

7.3.1. Initial assessment

After acknowledging receipt of the complaint, we will confirm whether the issue/s raised in the complaint is/are within our control. We will also consider the outcome/s sought by the person making a complaint and, where there is more than one issue raised, determine whether each issue needs to  be separately addressed.

When determining how a complaint will be managed, we will consider:

  • How serious, complicated or urgent the complaint is
  • Whether the complaint raises concerns about people’s health and safety
  • How the person making the complaint is being affected
  • The risks involved if resolution of the complaint is delayed, and
  • Whether a resolution requires the involvement of other organisations.

7.3.2 Addressing complaints

After assessing the complaint, we will consider how to manage it. We should give a solution to the complaint in 10 working days. To manage a complaint we may:

  • Give the person making a complaint information or an explanation
  • Gather information from the product, person or area that the complaint is about, or
  • Investigate the claims made in the complaint.

We will keep the person making the complaint up to date on our progress, particularly if there are any delays. We will also communicate the outcome of the complaint using the most appropriate medium. Which actions we decide to take will be tailored to each case and take into account any statutory requirements.

7.4.  Providing reasons for decisions

Following consideration of the complaint and any investigation into the issues raised, we will contact the person making the complaint and advise them:

  • The outcome of the complaint and any action we took
  • The reason/s for our decision
  • The remedy or resolution/s that we have proposed or put in place, and
  • Any options for review that may be available to the complainant, such as an internal review, external review or appeal.

7.5.  Closing the complaint, record keeping, redress and review

We will keep comprehensive records about:

  • How we managed the complaint
  • The outcome/s of the complaint
  • Any outstanding actions that need to be followed up.

We will ensure that outcomes are properly implemented, monitored and reported to the complaint handling manager and/or senior management.

7.6. Review of the complaint record

7.6.1. Analysis and evaluation of complaints

We will ensure that complaints are recorded in a systematic way so that information can be easily retrieved for reporting and analysis.

Regular reports will be run on:

  • the number of complaints received
  • the outcome of complaints, including matters resolved at the frontline
  • issues arising from complaints
  • systemic issues identified
  • the number of requests we receive for internal and/or external review of our complaint handling.  

Regular analysis of these reports will be undertaken to monitor trends, measure the quality of our customer service and make improvements.

7.6.2. Monitoring of the complaint management system

We will continually monitor our complaint management system to:

  • Ensure its effectiveness in responding to and resolving complaints, and
  • Identify and correct deficiencies in the operation of the system.
  • Monitoring may include the use of audits, complaint satisfaction surveys and online listening tools and alerts.

7.6.3.  Continuous improvement

We are committed to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our complaint management system.

To this end, we will:

  • support the making and appropriate resolution of complaints
  • implement best practices in complaint handling
  • recognise and reward exemplary complaint handling by staff
  • regularly review the complaints management system and complaint data, and
  • implement appropriate system changes arising out of our analysis of complaints data and continual monitoring of the system.