Travel. Play soccer. Change the world

This is the beautiful game

We live in a divided, unequal world. The gap between rich and poor is widening and intolerance and hatred are on the rise. We believe that everyone has a part to play in creating a more equal, tolerant and compassionate society for future generations.

We design transformational experiences using the world’s only common language. Our mission is to build a new generation of global citizens and support the Sustainable Development Goals by combining soccer, travel and social responsibility.

Every trip is hosted by young people from a local non-profit and generates real impact in underserved communities.

Choose your adventure. Choose what you stand for. Get in the game.






lesotho kick4life africa

“It’s been way more than I imagined. It pushes you out of your comfort zone. The things we’ve done are something I’d never imagine doing back home.”
Marina, Ireland

“the third half showed me that soccer can really be a way to introduce you to other cultures. It can be an entry point to talk to folks, hear their stories, and learn what they are about. It brings people together.”
Sarah, Colombia, 2018

“This experience opened my eyes to what we take for granted back at home. It makes you want to stop worrying about your own life and go out and help others.”
Charlie, Lesotho, 2016