Léogâne & Jacmel

Enjoy a walking tour of Léogâne, a scenic waterfall hike, and relaxation on Haiti's golden beaches. Explore Haiti's unique culture with an art gallery tour and learn about their innovative community recycling program.

Trip Summary

Léogâne is a coastal community in the Ouest Department of Haiti, which used to thrive on the industries of fishing, sugarcane and fruit. However the city’s economy, along with almost all of its housing and infrastructure, suffered catastrophic damage in the 2010 earthquake, the epicentre of which was directly below the city. Today, Léogâne is still struggling with the effects of the earthquake. But with its soaring, forest-covered mountains, miles of sandy beaches and reputation as a center of art, cuisine and literature it’s becoming increasingly popular as a destination for tourists.

The old port of Jacmel, on Haiti’s Southeastern coast, is one of the most friendly and tranquil towns in Haiti, and host to one of its best Carnivals. It’s old town center includes beautifully-preserved French colonial architecture and the town has also had a facelift in recent years which includes many new urban mosaics and the new beachfront boardwalk, Promenade du Bord de Mer, which buzzes with activity day and night.

The town is also the undisputed handicrafts capital of Haiti, with dozens of workshops producing hand-painted souvenirs, from wall decorations to elaborate papier-mâché masks produced for the Carnival festivities.

You’ll also experience the famous warmth and hospitality of the Haitian people as you help local soccer coaches bring education and joy to local children from underserved communities.

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Sample Itinerary

DAY 1: Depart for Haiti. Arrival in Port-au-Prince. Transfer to Léogâne by private bus. Hotel check in.

DAY 2: Tour of GOALS Haiti facilities. Pick up soccer game with local children. Walking tour of Haitian Village. Lunch at village with GOALS families. Walking tour of Léogâne City. Haitian Creole language and cultural lesson.

DAY 3: Soccer outreach program. Agricultural and architecture tour. Evening in the city.

DAY 4: Soccer and Language Lesson. the third half curriculum workshop #1 - Global Citizenship and the Sustainable Development Goals.

DAY 5: Soccer training session and coaching session for local kids. Sugar and mango local economy tour.

DAY 6: GOALS Community service project. the third half curriculum workshop #2 - Conscious Leadership.

DAY 7: Transfer to Port-au-Prince. Museum visit. Lunch at historic Gingerbread Hotel. Visit to the National Stadium.

DAY 8: Transfer to Jacmel. Waterfall hike. Jacmel city walking tour. Free time at the beach. the third half curriculum workshop #3 - Sustainable Development Goal #4 - Quality Education

DAY 9: Transfer back to Léogâne. Pick-up soccer in Léogâne city. Dinner in Léogâne City restaurant and visit to art gallery.

DAY 10: GOALS Community service project with local children. Attend a local soccer match.

DAY 11: Transfer to Port-au-Prince. Visit GOALS Haiti’s plastic recycling partner. Visit local artisan shop for souvenir shopping.

DAY 12: Transfer to airport, fly home. Arrive home.

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For many kids in Haiti, GOALS Haiti provides their very first opportunity to play soccer in a structured and safe environment. Soccer is used not only to enhance physical health and promote a positive personal attitude, but GOALS also uses it to raise awareness about health, nutrition, sanitation, gender equality and education. Thanks to your visit, GOALS Haiti will be able to provide important school sponsorships, Sponsor one of our soccer teams with materials, food, water, educational classes and community service projects for one year.


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