the third half  works alongside streetfootball world, an NGO with a network of over 100 organizations across 70 countries that uses soccer as a tool to tackle real social issues like health education, poverty, social inclusion, and gender equality. The third half creates immersive travel experiences that introduces students to the concept of Global Citizenship.

According to the global development organization Oxfam: “To be effective Global Citizens, young people need to be flexible, creative and proactive. They need to be able to solve problems, make decisions, think critically, communicate ideas effectively and work well within teams and groups. These skills and attributes are increasingly recognised as being essential to succeed in other areas of 21st century life too, including many workplaces”.

By experiencing global issues through the eyes of local people, students will gain a better understanding of the challenges facing young people around the world and how we can solve them together.

We use soccer as  the medium in which each experience is built around, serving as  the basis in which we connect with each other and better understand social issues that affect millions worldwide.

Our programs immerse teens in a context that will encourage them to become Global Citizens and leave a lasting impact that transcends anything that can be taught in the classroom.


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