Frequently Asked Questions for INDIVIDUALS

I booked my trip with the third half! What happens next?

You will receive a Confirmation Email when you register that includes your unique Confirmation Number. Use this Confirmation Number to log in to the registration site in the future.

Between the time you receive your Confirmation Email and the Departure Date, we’ll send you a series of Newsletters that will give you all the information you need about your destination, hotel information, itinerary updates and fundraising ideas. We’ll also send you email reminders before your upcoming payment dates.

Finally, all travelers will receive a Final Trip Document at least three weeks before departure date. This will contain all important travel information, contacts and the final itinerary. You will receive your Final Trip Document via email and we recommend that you bring it with you for reference during the trip.

When should I book my flights?

All individual third half travelers are responsible for booking their own flights to their destination. Until we send written confirmation that we have enough individuals signed up please don’t book your flights – you will receive a confirmation at least three months prior to your Departure Date. Please note that for individual programs, the third half and eSoccer are not responsible for individual flights or refunds on flights booked before the trip is confirmed.

Who will be with us on the trip?

Every third half trip is led by an experienced Team Leader from the third half and a Local Supervisor from the Local Host who will accompany the team at all times.

Who will pick me/my child up from the airport when we arrive?

Upon confirming your program, we will contact you with details to aid you in booking your flights. We will specify an arrival window on the first day, and organize a group bus transfer from the airport to the hotel for all travelers arriving during that window. Our Local Supervisor will be waiting at the airport to greet travelers, and will accompany this bus transfer to the accommodations. If you book a flight arriving outside of this window, we can still organize a transfer for you, but at additional cost. We will confirm transfer arrangements for the arrival day with all travelers in advance.

For those who are traveling as unaccompanied minors, you will receive the Local Supervisor’s information at least a month prior to departure including date of birth, photo ID picture, address and phone number. This information will be required by the airlines to facilitate pick up on the day of arrival.

Where will I be staying?

All accommodation costs are included in your trip. All our accommodation options are clean, safe and reflective of the destination country and culture. Rooming lists will be put together based on ages and gender of registrants and we never mix males and females together. All travelers will be contacted to confirm rooming assignments before departure. If you are traveling with a friend or family member and would like to be placed in rooming together, please contact our customer service team: customerservice@thirdhalfsoccer.com to confirm your rooming selection.

What clothes and equipment should I bring?

Please bring suitable clothing based on the number of soccer sessions in your program. In addition, be sure to pack soccer cleats/shoes, shin guards and socks. Your gear doesn’t have to match or be brand or color specific.

About a month before departure we’ll send you a newsletter which includes information on your destination climate and local conditions that will help you in deciding what to pack.

What if I or my child has dietary restrictions, food allergies, medication requirements etc.?

We have a lot of experience handling dietary and medication needs. Please be sure to provide this information clearly and thoroughly on the registration form. This information will be provided to the Local Supervisor who will use it once on the ground when coordinating meals with the group. If you would like to talk to us about this prior to departure, please reach out to our customer service department: customerservice@thirdhalfsoccer.com.

What happens if I or my child gets sick or injured on the trip?

Your Team Leader and Local Supervisor are fully briefed with procedures for medical conditions and emergencies and have details of all local hospitals. We have comprehensive medical insurance that covers costs incurred both at your destination and when you return. Please see the Terms and Conditions tab on your registration site for details. If your child is between the ages of 16-18 and experiences a medical emergency,

the Team Leader will ensure that he/she contacts you to let you know the situation. In the event of an emergency hospital visit, the Local Supervisor will assist with getting your child to the hospital and assisting where necessary.

What happens if I have to cancel my trip?

If you have to cancel your trip at any point please contact us immediately at phil@thirdhalfsoccer.com with a full explanation of the situation.
Cancellation insurance is included in your trip. Please review the Terms and Conditions tab on your registration site for more detailed information about this policy.

Should my child bring a cellphone and can I contact them while abroad?

If you wish your child to use a cellphone whilst on the trip, please be sure the phone has overseas roaming for data and calls enabled. Wifi internet access is common at many of the hotels at our destinations, though by no means guaranteed. Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are a great way to stay in touch cheaply while overseas.

How much money should I bring?

All meals and entertainment are included in the cost of your trip, but we understand you may want to bring additional spending money for gifts, souvenirs and other items that are not in our itinerary. If you do, we recommend bringing no more than $300 in cash. If you wish to send your child with a credit or debit card, please ensure that they have the necessary pins/passcodes. Please ensure that your bank is notified if your card will be used abroad, as some banks will block access to cards if they notice activity overseas.

Will my child ever be unsupervised on the trip?

Safety of travelers is our Number One priority. All travelers will be supervised at all times.

How do I get started on my Fundraising Challenge?

One of the first newsletters we send you will be an introduction to the Local Host you will be visiting, how they use soccer to help underprivileged children and how you can get started if you choose to take on the Fundraising Challenge.

How will this money be used?

Every third half host is a trusted member of the streetfootballworld network. This means they have been vetted and approved by a multi-award winning leader in the field of ‘sport for social change’. To become a member of the network each organization has to be independently audited, non-discriminatory, not for profit and to be able to prove how they create social impact. Full information on all of our hosts is available on our website and in your registration pack, and for more information on how streetfootballworld selects their network members visit: http://www.streetfootballworld.org/get-involved/community-organisation.

During your trip you will be able to experience the impact of your Local Host first-hand. At the end of your trip, your Local Host will be able to tell you how they plan to use your donation in helping more children from underserved communities.