New individual travel programs available

January 23, 2017

What if your next vacation meant that a community in Brazil got their own soccer field? Or 150 orphans in Lesotho could get access to health and life skills education?

Your next vacation could do just that. We are excited to launch a series of brand-new the third half experiences for individual travelers! These individual experiences will be available in 2017 in Africa, Central America, Latin America and Asia. We offer experiences for both students (16-18) and adults.

Soccer is the world’s common language. Nothing on earth has the same power to cross boundaries of race, religion and culture and to bring people together.  Join other soccer lovers, learning about the challenges our world faces and how we can solve them together as global citizens.

Our social mission is to improve the lives of boys and girls in underserved communities around the world. We do this by working with trusted, local, non-profit organizations called Local Hosts that use soccer to address social issues like gender inequality, youth unemployment, crime, gang violence, racism and HIV/Aids.

Profits from every the third half trip are invested directly in these organizations, allowing them to reach more young people in need.  Every trip is hosted by young people from the local community, allowing you to see first-hand the value created by your visit.


lesotho kick4life africa

AFRICA > Lesotho

Experience the wonder of Africa’s mountains and oceans while helping orphans and vulnerable children through the power of soccer!

Join the third half as we take you from pony trekking and campfires in the majestic mountains of Lesotho to the incredible natural splendor of Cape Town in South Africa. Football is a religion in Africa and you’ll experience this first-hand, whether in the passion of attending a professional game or playing pick-up games with local children. You’ll learn about Lesotho’s ancient language and culture and about the history of civil rights in South Africa with a visit to the famous Robben Island. You’ll also see first-hand how soccer can help in the fight against HIV and Aids by working with inspirational local young leaders.




Experience the famous natural beauty of Costa Rica while learning about indigenous rights and gender equality.

From tropical rainforest waterfalls to unspoiled beaches, Costa Rica is world-renowned for its stunning natural beauty. You’ll get to experience it all while learning about the importance of protecting the rights of indigenous people and the importance of protecting the environment. You’ll experience and help protect the ancient culture of the indigenous population through language, culture and music – and of course on the soccer field!


ASIA > India

Help support vulnerable children while experiencing the magic of India, from visiting the Taj Mahal to riding elephants in a tropical paradise.

Join the third half as we take you to India, where you’ll experience the rich history of this beautiful country, from the majesty of the Taj Mahal to ancient temples and bustling markets in Delhi to the tropical paradise of Kerala. You’ll also learn first-hand about the very real social challenges in one of the world’s poorest countries and experience how soccer is helping kids growing up in the overcrowded slums of cities like Bangalore.

Cost Rica Seprojoven

LATIN AMERICA > Brazil – Special Celebrity Trip with Jimmy Conrad

  • June 30 – July 13, 2017 • Ages 16+    

Travel to Brazil – the spiritual home of the beautiful game – with a US soccer legend, and help bring the ‘joga bonito’ to children in underserved communities.

In 2017 the third half is offering a very special opportunity – the chance to join former US star Jimmy Conrad as he travels to Brazil, the iconic ‘spiritual home’ of soccer. You’ll learn about how Jimmy made it from humble beginnings to the very top of the game as he takes you to visit one of his favorite countries, and together you’ll help create places for kids growing up in overcrowded favelas to play. You’ll also get to play ‘the Brazilian way’, whether on the streets of Recife or the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, and come back with a ton of new tricks – plus a deeper understanding of some of the social issues affecting Brazil and how they can be tackled.

Check out Jimmy Conrad’s YouTube video for more info:

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