Our Purpose

soccer travel

It’s about more than two teams. It’s about more than winning and losing.

Soccer is not only the planet’s favorite sport – it’s also one of the most powerful vehicles for positive social change.

the third half is what happens when you go beyond – it’s about using the power of soccer for cultural and educational transformation.

We design international, soccer-themed adventures to incredible locations that leave a legacy of lasting impact.

As a social enterprise, we invest a majority of our profits into helping community-based organizations scale their social impact on underserved youth.


play soccer

change the world

the third half experience is a journey of personal transformation

Soccer is often called ‘the world’s common language.’ It is played and watched by more people, in more countries than any other sport, from the mountains of Africa to the backstreets of Barcelona to the crowded urban favelas of Brazil. It has greater power to cross boundaries of race, culture, and religion than almost anything else.

the third half experience uses the medium of the game to take you on an educational journey that gives you a greater understanding of how the world works, the challenges it faces, and how we can solve them together as global citizens.

soccer travel

soccer travel

The universality of soccer makes it a powerful platform for education.

All over the world, organizations use soccer to help tackle serious social issues like poverty, disease, and lack of education.
You’ll get to experience first-hand how soccer can change lives. You’ll work side-by-side with local coaches and experience how they use soccer to help disadvantaged children.
Profit from every The Third Half Tours are invested directly in the local host organization, meaning you’ll be helping to change lives long after the final whistle.

Through soccer our partners have the opportunity to provide educational and leadership programs to the underserved youth all over the world. These programs influence the future by educating the next generation with the tools for employability in their communities and impacting the world for good. Our partners use soccer as a tool to drive social change in eight key areas.