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Using soccer to engage youth and develop their leadership potential 


Use soccer to engage youth and develop their leadership potential within their communities

Haiti is currently the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, and has experienced political instability for years. A massive earthquake of 7.0 magnitude struck Haiti in 2010, 25 km west of the capital, Port-au-Prince. Estimates are that over 300,000 people were killed, and some 1.5 million left homeless. The earthquake was assessed as the worst in this region in the last 200 years.

As a result, the country suffered a huge economic downturn, and many communities have yet to recover from its impact

You will join the world-respected, non-profit organization GOALS Haiti, working with kids to improve their quality of life and to empower them to be leaders in their communities. For many young players, GOALS Haiti provides their very first opportunity to play football in a structured and safe environment. Football is used not only to enhance physical health and promote a positive personal attitude, but GOALS Haiti also uses it to raise awareness about health, nutrition, sanitation, gender equality and education. 

During your HAITI experience you will:

  • Play friendly soccer matches with local teams on beautiful fields.
  • Volunteer with orphanage outreach and community programs.
  • Participate in various walking tours of Leogane City, the Voudou Pilgrimage Hike, and Jacmel City.
  • Make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Thanks to your visit, GOALS Haiti will be able to achieve goals such as:

  • $500 enrolls one high school student in school for a year.
  • $10,000 will allow us to enroll twenty high school students in school for a year!
  • 12,500 sponsors an existing GOALS soccer team with materials, food, water, educational classes, and community service projects for a year.
  • $17,500 sponsors GOALS literacy classes for 25 students for 6 months, including materials, food, and teacher salaries.
  • $65,000 would allow GOALS to open a new project location and sponsor two new teams for a full year!

Experience profile




Group of Focus

Area of Focus
Health, education, and long-term leadership

The warm and rich local culture

Soccer with locals, walking tours of Leogane City, Voudou Pilgrimage Hike and much more

2017 departures

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Day 1

Depart for Haiti. Arrival in Port-au-Prince. Transfer to Leogane by private bus. Hotel check in. Welcome meeting with Supervisor.

Day 2

Tour of GOALS Haiti facilities. Pick up soccer game with local children. Walking tour of Haitian Village. Lunch at village with GOALS families. Walking tour of Leogane City. Haitian Creole language and cultural lesson. 

Day 3

7 vs 7 soccer scrimmage. Orphanage soccer outreach program. Agricultural and architectural tour. Evening in the city.

Day 4

Soccer and Language Lesson. Voudou Pilgrimage Hike Pick up soccer with local kids. Social and Emotional Intelligence Workshop 1: Global Leadership and International Development.

Day 5

Soccer training session with local coach. Coaching session for local kids.Sugar and mango local economy tour.

Day 6

GOALS Community service project. Friendly Soccer Match. Evening in the city. Social and Emotional Intelligence Workshop 2: Social Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking.

Day 7

Transfer to Port-au-Prince. Museum visit. Lunch at historic Port au Prince Gingerbread Voudou Hotel. Visit to the National Stadium.

Day 8

Transfer to Jacmel. Waterfall hike. Jacmel city walking tour. Free time at the beach. Social and Emotional Intelligence Workshop 3: Natural Disasters and Community Development.

Day 9

Transfer back to Leogane. Friendly match against local team. Baking and breaking bread at the GOALS bakery. Pick-up soccer in the Leogane city. Dinner in Leogane City restaurant and visit to art gallery.

Day 10

GOALS community service project with local children. Voudou temple tour. Attend a local soccer match.

Day 11

Transfer to Port au Prince. Visit GOALS Haiti’s plastic recycling partner. Visit local artisan shop for souvenir shopping.

Day 12

Transfer to airport, fly home. Arrive home.


  • All required ground transportation throughout your trip (airport transfers included).
  • All soccer training sessions.
  • All community service and educational activities.
  • All cultural and sightseeing activities.
  • Use of training facilities for soccer practice sessions.
  • Water during all practices.
  • 2-3 soccer games against local teams.
  • Full board during your stay in Haiti (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • 11 nights accommodation.
  • A full time Tour Supervisor on-call 24 hours a day.
  • Cancellation and medical insurance.


A school backpack is ideal as it will be used for day trips.

Important reminders

  • Ear buds
  • Change of clothes
  • Reuseable water bottle
  • Medication
  • Additional community service forms
  • Outlet power converter
  • Consent to travel form
  • Emergency contacts
  • Passport
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Two passport photos (needed for Visa)
  • Wallet/money
  • Book and/or journal
  • Pen
  • Phone
  • Chargers
  • Camera

Appropriate attire for service projects– students should be wearing Bermuda or basketball length shorts or pants. This is especially important to females. T-shirts should cover the chest and shoulders- nothing too low cut, and no undergarments should ever be showing.Appropriate attire for touring– students will be visiting temples and museums throughout their program. All students will be expected to have their shoulders and knees covered. Please be sure to bring at least one pair of lightweight capris and t-shirts that are modest (no v-neck/low cut tees).*Business casual outfit– a long sleeved collared shirt and lightweight trousers will work best for boys. A long skirt and appropriate shirt is ideal for girls.