Accra markets and museums / Cape Coast slave castles / experience traditional village life / tuk-tuk taxi adventure / soccer with local kids / elephant safari

Ghana has sometimes been called  ‘Africa for beginners’ because of its welcoming, easygoing charm, its beautiful beaches, rich culture and vibrant cities. You’ll experience all of that and more as the third half takes you to visit one of the continent’s modern success stories.

Your journey starts in the joyful chaos of the capital city Accra where you’ll visit local markets, visit a program that makes soccer balls to create employment and health education and soak up the city’s famous energy. You’ll also learn about the country’s tragic history and its role in the slave trade with a moving day trip out to the Cape Coast.

Travel north and you’ll feel like you’ve arrived in a different country, with a different religion, geography and cultural practices. We take you to Jisayonili, a community near Tamale where you’ll experience a more rural side of Ghanaian life. You’ll see local customs and crafts, meet the local chief and experience traditional music, dancing and of course soccer! The game is the lifeblood of Ghana and you’ll find the locals always willing to discuss the latest goings on in the world’s top leagues.

From Jisayonili you’ll experience the most authentic of journeys as you travel in a tuk-tuk taxi – a sort of three-wheeled motorbike taxi very common in rural area – to Mole Safari park, Ghana’s largest, oldest and best game viewing park. After some rest and relaxation you’ll take a dawn safari to see local wildlife like hippos, antelope, monkeys and the majestic African elephant.

This destination offers a range of soccer activities that we can use to create experiences from BEGINNER to ELITE level.

Experiences available include*;

  • Play pick up soccer with local coaches and kids
  • Get your own customized soccer made by Alive and Kicking
  • Training session and friendly matches with local coaches and kids
  • Help deliver Youth Development through Football curriculum to local kids



Day 1: Depart for Accra, Ghana. Arrive at Kotoka International Airport and transfer to hotel. Welcome meeting with Whizzkids United. Dinner at hotel.

Day 2: Tour of local markets and museums. Visit to Alive and Kicking program to make your own soccer balls. Friendly match with Alive and Kicking staff. Dinner at hotel.

Day 3: Depart for Tamale in Northern Ghana and transfer to Jisayonili. Welcome to village life – tour the village, see local crafts and customs in action, meet with the village chief. Dinner with Whizzkids United kids and staff.

Day 4: Visit Whizzkids United program using soccer to support disadvantaged youth in Jisayonili. Cultural performance by traditional dancers and drummers. the third half curriculum workshop #1 – Global Citizenship and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Day 5: Training session with Whizzkids United’s coaches and take part in soccer-based education program. the third half curriculum workshop #2 – Conscious Leadership. Farewell dinner and reflection time with Whizzkids United.

Day 6: Road trip adventure – travel by tuk-tuk taxi to Mole Safari Park. Friendly match with Mole Motel Staff. Check in at Mole Motel, relax by the pool.

Day 7: Elephant safari in Mole Safari Park, Ghana’s oldest and best game viewing park. Friendly soccer match vs local staff.

Day 8: Return to Tamale. Training session with Whizzkids United’s coaches and take part in soccer-based education program. the third half curriculum workshop #3 – Sustainable Development Goal #4 – Quality Education. Farewell celebration with Whizzkids United.

Day 9: Depart for airport and home.


“Whizzkids united’s ‘girls on the ball’ program has opened my eyes to a world where i can achieve my goals in life and get to play football with my friends.”

Rama Participant, Whizzkids United

Local Host


Your trip will be hosted by the respected non-profit organization Whizzkids United, an innovative educational programme that uses soccer to teach the youth about life skills, gender equality and sexual health.

Thanks to your visit, Whizzkids United will be able to achieve goals like;

  • Launch our ‘On The Ball’ program focusing on reproductive health in two new schools
  • Five youth go through our Game Change program focusing on math, IT and work readiness.
  • Three young people from Tamale will be able to attend a college degree course for three years

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