the third half  works alongside streetfootball world, an NGO with a network of over 100 organizations across 70 countries that uses soccer as a tool to tackle real social issues like health education, poverty, social inclusion, and gender equality, to create 7 day programs for company travel.

Good for the world and good for the workers. We want to give companies an experience that goes beyond the workplace and fosters personal and team growth in immeasurable ways, and we do so with the third half’s curriculum; designed to develop your Social & Emotional Intelligence (SEI). We focus on 21st century learning skills like grit, initiative, curiosity and critical thinking through a blend of collaborative workshops and hands-on experiences with local people.

Our programs use soccer as the medium in which each experience is built around, which serves as the basis in which we connect with each other and better understand  social issues that affect millions worldwide.


Choose the destination and NGO that most interests you!