In Africa, streetfootballworld’s 40 network members in 22 countries have used soccer’s unique capacity to educate young people on topics ranging from HIV/AIDS to gender equality.

We have partnered with Kick4Life, an award-winning NGO that delivers a range of projects aimed at supporting vulnerable children and young adults. This includes health education and HIV prevention, voluntary HIV testing, life-skills development, support towards education & employment, and the chance to enjoy sport.

We have also partnered with Delta Culture, an NGO that looks to end poverty on the island of Cape Verde through means of education. Their education center opened in 2005 and it offers a variety of programs to those in the community including professional development, ITC, music and art classes, school support, and social development through football.

We currently offer just two programs in Africa but are working on introducing more in the coming months. The programs that we offer are truly transformational and inspirational. They are a once in a life-time experience!